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Andrea's a fucking slacker, and wont write this*** (see note) so I will...


Andrea's house at 5:30... her family will be gone by six... probably won't be back until at least 10:30, because Andrea and her family are awesome like that and they love us. So basically, we have at least 5 hours of uninhibited bunburying. I'm bringing Braveheart and Death Trap, and I'm SURE we'll find something to do with the rest of the time. Andrea's dad i believe will drive us home at 11:30 but if Rob can get a car she can probably push for later. But 11:30 is more than really cool. So in other words... tomorrow is gonna kick ASS. Lots of it. Fuck Yeah!

Everyone pound for Reunifications /m\!

*** Note: Andrea is not ACTUALLY a slacker, she was really just too busy working on my sexy icons... haha... so yeah, we love you Andrea.
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