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Because it's about time we did something that was REALLY fucking cool...

Okay, I'm tired of this "I wanna do something - who's free -what do you wanna do - who has ideas" bullpoop.

Who agrees that we should SOO do this:

Planetarium Laser Light Show - Saturday Evenings:

8:00 PM – Laser Zeppelin: A Whole Lotta Led
9:00 PM – Laser Floyd: The Wall

My dad already said he'd drive everyone there as long as he can sit somewhere else and watch the show too. It's only like $5-7 for tickets, which is less than the average movie and OH-SO-MUCH-COOLER. The shows play every Saturday night, and it's up to you guys which show you want to see, but for like $14, hell, I'll see both!!!!! We can all have dinner either before or after the show, and it would be an amazing night out... because we REALLY need to have a night not spent just hanging around someone's house.

Who's in?? /m\

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